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HSF4 mugen edition

October 24 2016 News
I heard amny people had problems with the download link, so I made a alternative link for you guys.

And don't worry, the Version3 is still ont he way, don't worry.

If you have suggesions about this to add or fix, please comment below, I read and consider every comments

stay tuned ! ;)

September 24 2014

After the "Revision 1" (V 1.5) It's time for...
What's new ? For resume :
new characters :
The hardest SF boss ever : Shin Bison
Master of Gouken and Akuma : Goutetsu
Fusion of Ken and Vega : Kega
God of wrath : Asura (still a beta, but stay fun to play)
The obese American Kung-fu fighter : Rufus
S.I.N. spy : C.Viper (not fully done, but enought for be used)
Dan's father : Go Hibiki
2 new Shadaloo dolls : Fevrier and Noembelu
SF1 characters : Retsu, Lee, Joe, Mike, Geki
Zangief can become Mech Zangief
Mix of Capcom and SNK : Akugal (Akuma and Rugal fusion)
New stages
Fixed various little bugs

And various many other details...
(see changelist.txt for more info)

If you have the previous version, please download the new one and delete the old one! Thanks

How to know which version I have ?
In the new one, "v2" is in the name of the main folder and in the bottom right corner of the title screen.

For Windows and Linux (Wine)
For my first mugen game, I decided to made a remake of SUPER Street Fighter IV Mugen Edition made by Ristar87
The game is in 2D style, because that is what made the Street Fighter series famous, so that is why I have not done it in 3D. (except few characters) So no need to ask that question.

More than a version with more content, I do all my best for fix the maximum of bugs and little defaults

-86 Characters (secret ones inclued)
-100 Stages (original stages from SF games and new stages from various origins)
-The game includes 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4 fight mode patched versions. (stay experimental, but can be interesting)
-Online versus mode (by Ikemen)

Title screen

Character select

Ryu, Ken, Kega, Chun-li, Sakura, Guile, E.Honda, Dhalsim, Zangief, Blanka, Sawada (street fighter the movie), T.Hawk, Dee Jay, FeiLong, Cammy, Charlie Nash, Dan, Go Hibiki, Adon, Elena, Makoto, Ibuki, C.Viper, Remy, Rose, Sean, Oro, Haggar (Final Fight), Maki (Final Fight), Guy, Cody, Rolento, Poison, Hugo, Sodom, Yun, Yang, Gen, Gouken, Decapre, Juri, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, M.Bison, Akuma, Kairi (SF EX series), Urien, Jin (Tekken), Kazuya (Tekken), Geki, Blair Dame (SF EX series), Birdie, Rainbow Mika, Ingrid, Karin, Skullomania (SF EX series), Dudley, Eagle, Rufus, Alex, Twelve, Necro, Q, Garuda (SF EX series), Akugal, Retsu, Lee, Joe, Mike, Fevrier, Juli, Juni, Noembelu, Cyber Akuma, Zero-Akuma (Cyberbots), ShadowGeist (SF EX series), Gill, Seth, Evil Ryu, Oni, Omni (Original SF4 Edit), Shin Bison, Goutetsu, Asura ,Bad Megaman

(Sorry, but Hakan and El Fuerte don't have been made for mugen, so they are not in the game. Abel have been made but too heavy.)


How to select hidden chatacters ?
From the select screen :
Kega > Put the cursor on Ken and press "Up"
Go Hibiki > Put the cursor on Dan and press "Left"
Akugal > Put the cursor on Garuda and press "Right"
Shin Bison, Goutetsu, Asura and Bad Megaman > Put the cursor on Random "?" and press "Down"

 How to play with a joypad on the online version (ikemen)
Unlike the main application, the Ikemen application wich launch the online mode does not recognize the gampad.
That's why you have to use the software Joytokey 
Link for Joytokey
This software allow you to use a gamepad like  the Xbox 360 gamepad, You just have to assign a keyboard imput to a controller imput. However it seems to be impossible to assign RT and LT triggers on a x box 360 controller.
Using Joypad is quite simple, since you just had to push on a controller's button, and you will see a yellow line on your screen, click on this line and assign a keyboard input.

Defaut controls with AZERTY keyboard

Up Down Left Right = arrows
Light kick = w
Medium kick = x
Heavy kick = c
Light punch = q
Medium punch = s
Heavy punch = d
Start/Taunt = Enter

Fullscreen Atl+Enter






74 commentaires:

  1. Make a backup link because the dropbox link is temporarily disabled.

    1. It's fixed now. The download limit have been EXPLODED ! I didn't expected so much downloads quickly. Now the link is ok again.

      Have fun =)

    2. The download link isnt working

  2. the link is broken can u re upload again please

    1. It is fixed now. Sorry for the delay.

      Enjoy =)

  3. poxa como eu faço pra baixaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Clique em DOWNLOAD. Depois que você aguarde 5 segundos, clique em SKIP AD.

      (Eu uso um tradutor para responder)

  4. Have to say that this mod really restored my faith in a good SF mugen game covering most if not all SF characters without abuse of Ken done by 10 times but the same. Stage backgrounds, music, mods, etc it joy to play. Huge thanks for you and Ristar87 for this.

    On the other hand I have small request, as Akuma fan I do miss the Shin Akuma (consider Oni being different char, Cyber Akuma being close but its not him, the rest not really) as playable boss character (like Shin Bison), if you could add him, that would be amazing.

    PS: And fix Juns pre-win screen, it takes far too long on screen to get away :p Decapre being stuck after super cancel in air as big glowing star (until somebody "helps" her down) could be cool as well.

    Cheers and good luck

    1. Thank you you very much for sharing your enjoyent. I appreciate really much :)

      About Shin Akuma, I am not sure to include him as extra character. Even if the normal Akuma has color pals as reference to shin Akuma. But may I can find a better version of Akuma who include in a shin mode. I will look about that...

      "Juns" ? Do mean "Jin's" or "Juni" ? I don't see yet where is the matter.

      And about Decapre, I meet this bug only one time since I use her. So I guess it is rather rare, and sadly, I doubt I could fix it, my codding knowedge is limited. Shin bison can block too after a knee press and I regret this. If someone has the solution to this problem(s) I am listening.

      Do not hesitate to notice me other suggesions for improvement in the next version. =)

    2. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.

    3. Sorry got a brain fart and pressed J instead of Y. It´s a problem with Yun.

      As for Shin Akuma, gotta say that this was enough for me to learn some basics about Mugen, so I´ve added him (and Violent Ken since Ken somehow underperforms and this one is nuts to play against like Evil Ryu) from this site . Gotta say that considering that my first post complained about too many freaking Kens issue, it´s quite ironic to recommend him as well. I really feel like both of them are worth adding. Give them a try, I´d like to hear what do you think about it.

      Otherwise I dunno, might come out with something but no promise :p , but I do wonder about one thing, I´ve noticed some SF chars use SF4 "models" (C.Viper, Juri, Oni etc) while other one like Gouken uses more retro. Today I saw "retro" Juri (looking same way like the Gouken does) so I wonder which graphic style do you prefer to use. Modern quality or more retro-ish?


      PS: Sorry for doubleposting, but having spanish buttons while using this blog "feature" can surprise you in a non-pleasing way :d

    4. I will cheek the Yun problem so. It should be ok.

      Do you think the actual Ken is not enought good ? I don't played him much but I think he is ok.What's the matter with ?
      And Violent Ken was a possible new character in previous version, but I didn't find a god version. I will test the one you showed me.

      For Shin Akuma, as I said, if I found a Akuma including a shin akuma mode, it will be ok. Or it wont appear. (already too much Akuma variations)

      And about the SF4 characters, I already planned to change Juri, Seth adn Oni as 2D retro models. (for less heavy characters files and so, got more tings to add. Becasue I want to stay under 2 Go for don't have a "Run out memory" error. The adding of viloent ken will depend also of this. If I have enought space)

      I need more people like you to comment ;)

      PS: No worries, it's fine

    5. thanks lovee! you are inspiring to the world!

  5. Perfect mugen game,thanks for all man!

  6. Hi can you make a street fighter ex3 game with all sf ex characters please ? it will be awesome.

    1. I can't. Only few SF EX chars have been made for mugen

  7. Friend please could upload it to mega or mediafire
    I thank you so from now.

  8. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.

  9. man hakan,el fuerte and c.viper his now avaliable in you can add dis characters

    1. 2D C.viper is already planned for the V3, but Hakan and El fuerte are DEMO actually, I am waiting they are finished

  10. ok and man in this page me are found abel from sf4 in 3d

    1. I know Abel have been made in 3D. But too heavy files...
      For the version 3, I should got a 2d Abel

  11. question i downloaded HSF4 mugen edition i changed one character and added a different one however in the selection screen his picture is small how can i fix this?

    1. The acutal characters had a big select pcture becasue they are planned in the game. Each of these characters have been edited to fit the screenpack. So of course, a "new" character with fit in without an edit. If you really want to add new characters, you need to learn how to edits the sprites of a character (and create if needed) a big selcet picture.
      But reminds if you changed elements of the game, you WONT be able to use the online versus mode with a friend.It works only with the exact original game version.

      But by curiousity, tell me what characters did you changed ? and why. Thanks

  12. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.

  13. I added a El Fuerte character I found in exchange for Sawada cause because I just like that character better I guess not real reason and I never play online I only play alone. Questions any suggestions for programs to use and any helpful tip so i change the picture size? Anything will help I am brand new to this your game was the first I ever downloaded and I just read about how to add a character.

    1. You should look for mugen tutorials for change spirtes of a character. Many sites are about mugen.

      Btw, El fuerte is planned for the coming soon version 3 of my mugen game. I don't know when i will release it, but I am working about.

  14. Very good man. This is one of the best Mugen "Fan-Mades" that i have ever seen.
    Oh, one question. ¿From what page do you download the 3vs3 or 4vs4 Patch?

    1. Thank you very much. And the version 3 will be more better ;)
      The 3v3 and 4v4 is inlcuded. Just launch the game with click on "3v3" or "4v4" launcher instead "HSF4 MUGEN" and play in team simul mode

  15. encontrei seu game pesquisando sobre mugen, achei essa ferramenta fantastica.

    para rodar o teu game, e' necessario ter o mugen? se for necessario, onde consigo baixar, pois no site da elecbity nao esta mais disponivel!!

    valeu, parabens de novo

    1. O motor Mugen está incluído. Basta descompactar os arquivos do jogo e depois jogar ;)

  16. Como está indo a versão 3. ?? Estou aguardando rs... muito bom o jogo. :D

    1. Eu ainda estou trabalhando nisso. Não se preocupe. Eu sei que isso é muito tempo, mas ele virá ;)

  17. não estou conseguindo baixar o arquivo, esta com algum problema ?


    1. Eu não vejo nenhum problema para download.

      Talvez você tem um problema com a página web "adfly"? Aguarde 5 segundos acima e clique em "SKIP ADD"

    2. o problema está no one drive......não carrega o download....

  18. Não está fazendo o download mesmo. Sugestão: Manda para o MEGA (Ex-MegaUpload). Que la´não dá problema, e ainda podemos importar direto para nossa conta do MEGA, sem precisar fazer download.

  19. Réponses
    1. I don't see any troubles with the link. I tested and it is working. Weird...

  20. Eu fui baixar o jogo e aparece o site do onedrive dizendo q o link esta indisponível. Coloque em um mediafire

  21. Fui baixar o mugen no onedrive e ele diz que esta indisponível. Coloque o download no mediafire

  22. The link does't works for me
    can you upload in other site

    1. I'm working on that point.

      Weird so much people cannot download the game recently...

  23. Tu pourrais l'uploader vers un autre site s'il te plait? Pour l'instant ça ne fonctionne pas.

    1. Mais c'est dingue qu'il y est autant de problèmes pour le télécharger tout a coup. Je vais voir ce que je peux faire

    2. Et pour la prochaine version tu pourrais rajouter shin akuma de Phantom Of The Server

    3. Dans la Version 3, Akuma pourras etre selectionné en mode normal ou en Shin Akuma. Donc 2 en 1.
      Il y auras également le personnage original "Shin LVL2 Akuma" qui vient du project Street fighter X Mortal Kombat, qui sait en plein la vue avec ses Supers.

      Merci de ton commentaire et n'hésite pas me partager d'autres idées =)

  24. Hi guy, your work with this Mugen is amazing! Congrats.

    A personal question, how are the size of images you used to portrait img and the image of character on the side on select and versus screen? I trying to make a select screen li that for a personal project, but i can't hit the ideal size.

    1. Thanks dude !

      The height of the pictures are 417. The width depend of the character.
      Also, you must include these codes in your system.def

      p1.face.scale =.5,.5
      p2.face.scale =.5,.5

      For it to look like HD

      I hope you understand

  25. Loïc, this is hands down the best MUGEN game I've ever played!
    I'm a SF fan, and this feels better to play for me than SFIV itself LOL!

    There's characters that need AI fixes (Remy stands out here, super overpowered), and Ken doesn't combo like he should. But those are details man...

    Awesome job, and thank you so much for sharing!

    1. I'm really happy you like my mugen game :) And I still working on the version 3. The release date is purely unknow, so i guess it will take a while... But you WONT regret it ;)
      I am not sure if I can fix Remy, but I feelt well Ken needed to be better. And recently, I found a even better version of him, including alternatives modes ;D

      Don't hesitate to do more suggessions, I read and consider any of them.

  26. The links are not working. I am trying to download it but the first one is directing me to the login page of microsoft account for drive when I log in it never opens the drive while the alternative link is asking for upgrading tje version to Pro. Please help!!

    1. Weird. Usually it doesn't ask to login on one drive to download it.

  27. Hey! You still working on a 3.0 version of this game?

    1. Yes I am still working on. I know it is VERY long, but I always get new upcoming characters to put in, to always make the game better.